Benchmarking WordPress

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WP Engine Vs. Rackspace Vs. Digitalocean Vs. AWS Vs. Self Hosted Server


For the benchmark we used a wordpress plugin called “Benchmark” it’s available in the wordpress plugin repository as  a free plugin. try it if you wanna test the speed of your wordpress hosting provider


self hosted server


Test 1. At first i benchmarked my self-hosted VPS server running Cpanel on CentOS6 with 4cores of Intel Xeon & 2GB RAM, the test results were almost good except the Database Queries/Second. it was way too slower than i expected maybe because the HDD speed was very low or maybe i think Cpanel Limits the Database Query speeds per user

WP Engine


Test 2. WP Engine, is currently hosted here in WP Engine(Starter Plan $29/month), the test results look almost very good, good CPU speeds, network speeds & also the database query speed is very very good because everything here is cached. you don’t need to sue any caching plugins here in WP Engine because everything is already cached




Test 3. Digitalocean, digitalocean performed pretty good in terms of CPU speed and also Database query/second was pretty decent without caching anything cause it runs on very fast SSDs but the network speed is not as good  as i expected. This test was performed on a $5/month droplet running Ubuntu 12.10 with 512Megabytes of RAM & single Core Intel Xeon




Test 4. Rackspace CloudServers, Rackspace performed the best in terms of CPU speed and Database query/second but i don’t know what happened with the network, i performed the test on many other Rackspace locations but the result of the network speed is same everywhere “0.00Mbps”, maybe because there was a firewall or something else. but it was guaranteed by rackspace that it will provide at least 100Mbps of network speed with this server configuration. this test was performed on a Ubuntu server 12.10 with 1GigaByte of RAM & 2Core AMD Opteron, $30/Month


Amazon EC2


Test 5. AWS’ EC2, EC2 has a decent network speed and CPU speed is good too but the Database query speed is not impressive at all, but ,maybe you can make them faster by using caching plugins/MemcacheD.  this test was performed on a EC2 server running Ubuntu 13.04 with 0.6 Gigabytes of RAM & 1 core Intel Xeon(T1.Micro instance), $14/month



based on the benchmarking results, i recommend you to use  either WP Engine or Rackspace, as because they provide you very fast servers without needing to configuring anytypes of caching plugins or running MemcacheD,etc those are complicated stuffs you know.

And if you really cheap servers go for digitalocean, they’re very cheap, starting just at $5/month.

Or if you’re a hardcore geek and wanna configure everything as you need and also want a very fast network then Try AWS, they have the fastest network speeds and gives you the freedom to configure everything you want, but it’s not as cheap as compared to others.

Article Name
Benchmarking WordPress
Benchmarking WordPress Hosting Providers. WP Engine Vs. Rackspace Vs Digitalocean Vs. Amazon Web Services Vs. Custom Server.
  • anna

    what about linode and softlayer

  • Xalmey

    I recently moved from MediaTemple’s Grid service(shared hosting, can host upto 100 sites) costing $20/month to their newly introduced Premium WordPress Hosting service costing $29/month(can host upto 3 sites) but after reading your article on Benchmarking I gave it a try on my WordPress installation and I am disappointed to find the results. I was expecting it to battle WP Engine & surpass the rest, but WP Engine is a Clear winner here. however the Plus point of MediaTemple’s Premium hosting is that unlike WP Engine you are not limited to 25k visits/mo.

    below are my Benchmarking stats

    1st Try:

    CPU Speed: 25,031 BogoWips 24,393 BogoWips
    Network Transfer Speed: 4.96 Mbps 9.11 Mbps
    Database Queries per Second: 890 Queries/Sec 1,303 Queries/Sec

    2nd Try

    CPU Speed: 27,754 BogoWips 24,394 BogoWips
    Network Transfer Speed: 4.95 Mbps 9.11 Mbps
    Database Queries per Second: 1,109 Queries/Sec 1,303 Queries/Sec

  • ahmed

    i like rackspace, they are great, you can deploy wordpress within a few seconds

  • zambra pentuly

    digitalocean is slow, i don’t like it

    • Perez Alexander Karjee

      oh i see, maybe your droplet was too small with very less RAM