What is AMD Mantle ?

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At first have a look at this video

Well, i think most of the PC gamers already know that you need Direct X in order to play PC games.but recently AMD has developed a new API that allows the Game engines(where the games are built) to directly interact with the hardware rather than using DirectX or other display drivers like that.

Mantle Allows PC developers to improve performance by letting them better control the graphics hardware and allowing techniques that were previously limited to console development on the PC


Why Mantle ?

well the first thing that mantle will deliver is much faster speeds and performance. as because it can directly interact with the hardware.

some advantages-

  • Reduced runtime shader compilation overhead
  • Performance increase over higher-level APIs such as Direct3D and OpenGL.
  • AMD claims that Mantle can generate up to 9 times more draw calls per second than comparable APIs by reducing CPU overhead
  • Explicit command buffer control
  • New rendering techniques.
  • All hardware capabilities are exposed through the API.
  • Low-overhead validation and processing of API commands
  • Advanced Anti-Aliasing features for MSAA/EQAA optimizations
  • Multithreaded parallel CPU rendering support for at least 8 cores
  • Close to linear performance scaling from recording command buffers onto multiple CPU cores

Which platforms are supported ?

Right now Mantle is available only for windows platform. but it will be available for Linux, Mac and other platforms very soon

Game Engines

Frostbite3 is one of the major game engines that fully take the advantage of AMD’s Mantle API, other game engine’s include Nitrous game engine by Oxide

Mantle in Frostbite3

Mantle in Frostbite3


Which games & GPUs are supported ?

right now, there aren’t many games designed with mantle API, to get full benefits of mantle you’ll need to run a mantle supported game and a AMD mantle GPU. but soon it will support other GPU architectures too

Mantle is designed in such a way that makes it applicable to a range of modern GPU architectures

Some mantle supported AMD GPUs

  • AMD Radeon R9 Series GPUs
  • AMD Radeon R7 Series GPUs
  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series GPUs
  • AMD Radeon HD 8000 Series GPUs
  • AMD A10-7000 Series and AMD A8-7000 Series APUs (Kaveri)
  • AMD E1-2100 (Kabini and Temash)

Some mantle supported Games

  • Battlefield 4 by EA/DICE
  • Thief by Eidos-Montreal/Square-Enix
  • Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries
  • Sniper Elite 3 by Rebellion Developments

Battlefield 4 is an example of a game that is designed with mantle API, if you have a mantle supported AMD GPU you’re good to go. battlefield 4 will run 45% faster

amd mantle



Watch AMD Mantle VS Direct X video here-

some mantle supported games-

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What is AMD Mantle ?
What is AMD mantle ? Why mantle ?
  • turk

    does unreal engine or unity3d support amd mantle ?

    • http://www.aas9.in Perez Alexander Karjee

      I think unreal engine does, all of the major game engines will support it in the future. Check out amd’s website for updates and more details

  • hanox5

    damn, i have a nvidia GPU

  • john prakash

    battlefield4 is just awesome with mantle

  • hamam ali

    what about nvidia ?

  • keiv legend thux

    i tried it myself, and battlefield 4 gained awesome framerates when i did it